Sunday, April 2, 2017

Crystal Cane

diamond crack
and caramel
on the mouth
of a cool oven

saffron mingles
with raspberry
fillets, ginger
coughs fancy
papers on boiled
acid drops

clarified in-
nocence fringed
at the edges
of small bands
of gold, boxes
of glass divided
into fulm-
inating powder

acidulated mirth
rubs to sugar
fire twists
sugar into
mold baskets

effervescence will flow over

How to Make Candy.

Today, I grabbed words from an old candy cook book (1891 I think) from These words came from the section "Crack and Caramel." I found the section heading humorous. Anyway like other poems I write, I write down a bunch of words and phrases I like and make a poem from them. Find more poets at Napowrimo

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