Friday, February 8, 2013

The Joys of Facebook

Ahh Facebook, for a blogger looking for something to write about, you sure offer a lot of good stuff. It is true isn't? Depending on how many friends you have on facebook, you always seem to know who done some else wrong, how someone hates their life, how someone loves their life, what they are making for dinner,  and of course political views and other interesting conspiracy theories that are always taken out of context.

And this is what I think...

Secretly, I do want to know if your life is full of roses or full of shit because that is gossip. Plus, I don't think everyone is honest, so if you are making up stories (this is what I believe is called an attention whore) and then at least I can talk about you and you wouldn't even know it. Who doesn't like a bit of Jerry Springer here and there, most of us will watch the show if we are flipping through channels. People love gossip.

When you blame the president for something that you don't agree with that only shows me you DON'T know how this country works. I am not saying this president is the best but here is a little civics lesson. The president really doesn't write the laws. He can sign a bill and make it into a law or he can veto. If he vetoes it, it goes back to the congress where only 2/3 of the congress can overturn the bill and make into a law. The president can suggest a law to a congress person but then it falls back to congress. When you vote for the folks in either the senate or house, your vote really does matter because their elections are won by popular vote. The congress makes the laws. You don't like something that you find out who your representatives are, find out how they voted and state your opinion. Oh yeah and vote.

A interesting conspiracy theory that people love posting is the so called implant of a microchip to receive health care. Already other more intelligent people are posting stories that say it is a lie. True or not, you have the ability to say no to injections.

Speaking of microchips, years ago I was a witness to a robbery. In one of the trials, the perp said the state of Pennsylvania implanted a chip in his head to make him do bad things. He even had evidence which I am sure he got from the internet, about others who had chips implanted in their heads. They all seemed to suffer the same predicament, guilty but it was the microchip that made me do it. No one believed that garbage, he went to jail anyway. Maybe he should sue the microchip company for making a damn fine product that no one can find it.

And lastly about suing. This country sure likes to sue. The latest thing I saw was some kind of anti gun activist wants to hold gun makers liable for the injuries sustained by their guns. This is a great idea!! Think about it, let's sue the gun makers. I am sure the people who were killed by so called friendly fire in the any of the wars since guns were used in wars would love to have a huge chunk of change. Think about it, now the enemy can sue the American gun makers because  someone in their ranks were killed by Americans. So of course with all their extra money, they can use it do more damage.

Think about great it would be for the families who lost someone to a bullet. Kids, mothers, fathers and everyone in between.  And while we are it, I think we should sue any farmer who cultivates fruit because fruit can be made into wine and of course the vintners for producing wine. Because someone could drink too much wine get in a car and kill someone. Of course the barley and hops farmers better watch out because their products can be made into beer which someone could kill another person just by drinking too much. Don't forget pig farmers, why do you raise pigs that make delicious bacon which can cause a heart attack.

Do you see the ridiculous chain of events? Suing gun makers will do absolutely nothing. I highly doubt gunsmiths stand over someone with a gun pointed to their head saying, "use this gun and kill people or I will kill you."  No wonder there is no such thing as a  speedy trial because the court dockets are filled with civil lawsuits because this person has to sue this person.

Well enough for one day may the snow melt quick and the sun shine soon because winter is nothing but nasty treadmarks.

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