Monday, February 18, 2013

Serving Justice with a Slice of Revenge

This is one of two ebooks I wrote and is now available on Amazon  Kindle.  Just a litte note if you don't have Kindle you get a Kindle app for free and you can put it on your smart phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, you get the idea.

I am on the other end now because normally when I write about something that you can buy, it is a review. Since I wrote this story, I'm not going to review it. We already know it's awesome simply because I wrote it.

Serving Justice with a Slice of Revenge  is a mystery thriller short story. According to Amazon it is about 21 pages long, so it shoudn't take you long to read.  This is what it's about in a nutshell:

Zelda Anderson is a talented sculptor who creates horrific sculptures. She has a past which she likes to keep secret and finds home in New Hope, PA. Then her ex-boyfriend is pushed out of an window and dies and another artist dies just like Zelda's latest sculpture. The cops believe there is only person who could have done this  and that is Zelda. But she knows she didn't do this but soon she begins to doubt herself.  Maybe Zelda did it, maybe not but if she didn't do it then who did?

If you really like a mystery that has a lot of action, twist and turns and a surprise ending then you will like this. I don't want to brag but I am a bit proud of this one because there is a rank for paid books in the Kindle store. It is ranked somewhere around 776,000 out of the millions of ebooks for sale on Kindle.

At the time of this posting, you can buy this ebook for .99 which is a price I would pay for a short story. Check it out let me know what you think....

Where the road ends, in unforgiving sunlight, a book falls open to wormhole to another world.

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