Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing for the Devil

Hey all. I am still pretty stoked about my ebooks and this is my second one that is on Amazon Kindle. It is called Playing for the Devil this is less of a mystery book then the other one. I always have a hard time coming up with genre for my stories but the publishers of this book has it labeled as "horror/ occult" so we will go with it.

I am a shitty article spinner so this why descriptions suck ass when I write about them on here. For both books, I wrote the description, the books and promotional articles. Playing for the Devil is about a former punk rocker who turns in a reverend and lives a happy life in Kansas but all this changes when another punk rocker who miracously escapes a night club fire seeks out the godo reverend. And now both their worlds are turned upside down because all these weird people tell them to go to Jersey City, NJ. It is in Jersey City we get the answers we need. And that is pretty much it.

The description on Amazon is way better.  So this book costs $2.99 as of today anyway. I don't know if this will change as time goes on. If you have some extra money and free time, buy it and let me know what you think.

One other thing, I will be having a third ebook coming out. This will be a self-published ebook as I wrote the story for an ebook and it was rejected because of adult content. I am not exactly sure what was the adult content, either way since the story was made to be an ebook I will continue with the process on my own. Someone is making a cover for me and I still have the formatting to do before I can publish it through Kindle so keep your eyes open for the next ebook.

I am very happy about having the ebooks published but it is not enough at least not for me. I am going to keep writing and keep trying to get published on paper. Being a writer is my destiny and now I see that it is true. I can do something pretty awesome, and my dreams are coming true. I have to keep climbing those mountains. I have poetry being published, I have ebooks for sale and it is a very good thing. Very good thing.

Sometimes I feel like I am in living in a dream world and I can't believe all this is happening.

Until the next time let champagne fall over diamonds and sleep on a bed of crytal shards.

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