Sunday, January 26, 2014

Into the Garden: Acrostic Poetry Collection

So after many weeks of formatting, Into the Garden, is available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. Please note to anyone who uses any Apple device such as iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, the formatting is off on these devices. Formatting poetry for an ebook is not something that you can do easily so I had to choose to make the formatting for Kindle devices pretty much perfect. It is almost perfect for all Kindle devices, perfect for Kindle for Android (at least for a 7 inch screen because that is the size I have) and mostly perfect for Kindle for PC app.  In the future I do plan on releasing my ebooks to the Apple bookstore and the Nook because they are just as popular as Kindle. Apple will require me to learn their formatting. So give me a chance because Apple will be the next undertaking for my ebooks. 
Sure, I could use Smashwords but then I am losing royalty money and I still have to format it for each device on my own or pay someone else to do it. I tell you one thing, I won't pay someone else to format my ebook when I can do it myself.  Okay let's get back on track. There is an awesome and unique poetry book that I should be talking about.

Into the Garden was a project of devotion and love for a certain style of poetry and that would be the acrostic style of poetry. Just in case you don't know, acrostic style of poetry is when the letters one word start each line of a poem. You may have seen this style where a person's name is used and they may start like " C is for caring person." Mine are seamless and you won't even know that you are reading an acrostic poem. I like this style because it forces to me think outside of the box to come up with new and interesting lines.

When I started this book, I started in the summer of 2010 and I finished it that winter. It also started with 60 poems at least 15 has been cut because I chose the best poems. There is an underlying seasonal organization as well. I really put the book together in the order I wrote them. For some reason, it was the best way to organize it. The poems are also organized by things you might find in a garden. 

The book cover is a creation that I made with Gimp. The background is a picture of an ocean wave that I had, it was originally a 35 mm picture. I swirled it once and then added a flower in the center. I chose the font and my husband did the font creation.  Here is a poem from the book as a sample:

Black Cherry

Black balloons ascend to a
Lacy firmament. Silky waves crash
Against moon dreamers.
Champagne whispers among the stars,
Ketchup stains the white carpet. I am a

Charlatan and I am holding a
Hoe-down, so come on down,
Eat poisonous scripture and let bloody
Ribbons fall to the floor. A
Rendezvous into dusk on sunken
Yachts filled with soulless bodies.

Into the Garden is $4.99 but I have it signed up for countdown deals that start in the US and UK marketplace at the end of February which will make the book cheaper.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated and I thank you for your suppoort.

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