Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stitches and The Hatfield and McCoys

It's been awhile since I wrote anything about what I watched on Netflix. Oh I watch stuff on Netflix but when a new season of a show I like comes out, I powerhouse the entire season. And there are other times where I want to write about something but then either I forget or I just don't do it. I watched 2 movies the other night. One is about a killer clown named Stitches and Hatfield and McCoy movie, the one with Christian Slater.

First things first, let's talk clowns...

Stitches just became available on Netflix (1/14) it is an Irish independent horror movie.  I watched an Irish movie on Netflix and for some reason there was subtitles I suppose the Irish accent was too thick in this movie, the accent is too much and there are no subtitles. The movie starts with a clown who goes a kid's birthday party. He may not be the greatest clown but the kids aren't very well behaved and give Stitches a hard time. Then Stitches dies in a truly gory, horrible, exciting, bizarre way at this kid's birthday party. Then time moves forward 6 years when the same kid is having a birthday party and Stitches comes back from the grave to get his revenge on the kids at the birthday party he died at.

I liked this movie. Yes, it is a little cheesy and Stitches delivers one-liners ala Freddy Kreuger style and other killers after a kill. The story is also decent.  The kill scenes are all unique and full of blood and guts. Don't expect this movie to be like the great horror movies but it holds its own ground, especially if you have a clown fear. Go on and watch it.

The second movie was The Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood with Christian Slater it is currently available (1/14).  I picked this movie because it was a story about the famous feud. I knew about it but I didn't know a lot about it.  So this movie is about the Hatfields, who lived in West Virgina and the McCoys, who live in Kentucky and they were fighting back and forth. The movie starts with Asa McCoy killed by a rogue band of Confederate supporters, the Logan Wildcats run by the Hatfields. The movie climaxes when McCoys young daughter and wife were killed at their cabin by the Hatfields.

I watched this whole thing and then I Googled it. Sure this movie is based on facts but the timing is all off. Yes, it was believed that Asa was killed by a Hatfield but it years before there was anymore violence. In the movie everything happens kind of quick. One thing that remains is Rose Anna and Jonce's relationship except that is portrayed differently in this movie. Aside from all of that, it really is a good movie.  There is a lot action and the story line moves very quick. So if you love American lore then this will be a good movie to watch.  I watched the Pumpkinhead version of the Hatfield and McCoy story and that was decent.

It's raining where I live today and maybe it's raining, or snowing or too fucking cold to go out so why not turn on the old Netflix and watch some movies. Have a  wonderful day.

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