Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Future

There has been a lot going on in my life and I think 2014 is going to be an awesome year.  The biggest thing and the most important is I started college two weeks ago. I am going to get my Bachelor's in creative writing. I am attending an online school, a reputable real school that has an online program. So far I am doing very well in my classes. My expected graduation date is 1/18. Woo hoo. Going to college and getting  my degree is something I always wanted to accomplish and writing is what I love to do so this was a perfect choice for me.

I have decided to put my poetry book, Into the Garden, on Amazon Kindle. Let me tell you, formatting a poetry book for Kindle is an enormous undertaking. The best way to make the book the way you want the world to see is to manually code the html for the book. Good news, I have completed the coding and now my husband and I are working on the book cover. I have the Kindle Previewer plus I have the Kindle for PC app and the book is 90% perfect on Kindle devices and 98% perfect for the Kindle for PC app, I can not say about the Apple devices until I actually upload the book because I need an Apple device just to preview it. I am guessing that it should be fine because the other books are fine for Kindle for iOs.   Into the Garden is an acrostic poetry collection and features 40 plus poems written in the acrostic style with the names of flowers, fruits, and vegetables as the titles.  I should have it on Kindle in two weeks.

Another ebook I am working on is called The Afterlife of Tanya Madera. I am still in the process of writing this book and it is about a dead teenager who seeks revenge to the ones that hurt after she is dead. I started this story a couple years ago as I saw a pink flannel shirt on a tree stump while my husband and I were walking and my imagination went wild. I actually took the picture of the shirt and it will be used as a book cover for this book.  This will be a somewhat long short story could even turn into a novella.

Speaking of ebooks, I will be publishing many more this year. I found a bunch of my old stories some will be stand a lone ebooks because that are almost novellas. Others are very short and will be combined into a short story collection. It's been years since I wrote these so I have to put my editing hat on and make the best books I can. I know the stories are good but I think they can be better.

So when I save the $250 I need for ISBN numbers I am going to self-publish some of the titles I have as ebooks and sell them at flea markets and such.  Why am I publishing so many ebooks? I am trying to make a name for myself. End of story. If I can start selling books before I get a book deal that is going to show potential publishers people want to read my work and will pay for it. Everyone likes different stuff, so the more variety I put on, the better chance someone will buy my writing.

Wow, this year has only begun and with so many plans for the future, it should be a memorable year.

Until next time, suckle the orange of delights and throw the peel under the plow truck.

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