Saturday, January 4, 2014

Don't Call Me White

Is it just me but  doesn't it seem like whenever there is a news story on the web or somewhere else, someone always throws race into the story? Really is it that important? My question is if everyone wants equality, why does race always play an issue?

Speaking of race, I do not want to be called white. Instead, I want to be identified as Caucasian.  Some forms you fill including register to vote want you to check "white" as opposed to Caucasian.
If twenty years from now my bones would be discovered in some unmarked grave, the coroner or someone else would label me as a Caucasian female. 

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary white means these two things: 1. of the color of milk or fresh snow, due to the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light; the opposite of black. 2. belonging to or denoting a human group having light-colored skin (chiefly used of peoples of European extraction). Yes, my ancestry is from Europe however my skin does not look like

  • fresh snow
  • milk
  • that blotch of white in the sky normally called clouds
  • a blank wall
and I am not an Albino. Perhaps I am multi-colored. Some of my  skin is a soft pale pink, some of it is slightly tan (this is on my arms) and doesn't really change probably too much melatonin in my skin from too much sun over the years. Maybe I am a chameleon colored since I brown in the summer, I also turn red in the summer. You choose.  And what if I had a darker skin tone (always tan those lucky folks) how could they be white when really they are Caucasian.

Yes, I know I am going to get a lot of shit for writing this but maybe I am tired of everything being black and white because in this world nothing is one or the other.  And those are my thoughts of the day, in this day and age where equality and race issues are important I also want to be identified by Caucasian, a person with European descent as opposed to white, a classification based on supposed skin color not ethnic background.

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