Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Afterlife of Tanya Madera

Hello all, I published my latest ebook The Afterlife of Tanya Madera on Amazon Kindle last weekend. This book really has it all and I hate to label  it as one thing or another. It is a ghost story. It is also a mystery and a thriller. Of course there is bit of teenage woe in it as well. The book cover is something pretty different. If you look, you will see a photo beside the fake news story. This is a picture I took while my husband and I hiked one day through the woods and it inspired the entire story.

So I had to use this photo somewhere on the cover. I tried a lot of different ideas then I finally came up with the newspaper idea. I made the newspaper in Word Perfect and then in GIMP I made the background color as close as I could for newspaper and then I smashed them together. I really like how the book cover came out. I also am happy with the story. It is a bit longer than some of my other ebooks and I have it labeled as a novelette which comes up to 16,000 words when it was done. I have the book listed for $2.99 but don't worry it will go on countdown deals through Kindle at the end of March. 

Check out The Afterlife of Tanya Madera available now on all Kindle devices. 

What's next? Good thing you want to know. I am switching modes and I will be editing a romance story and then making it for sale with in a month or two. I haven't spent much time working on ebooks because I had a bunch of papers due for school and that takes number one. This romance story has a tentative title called Stardust but it will be changed because that title is much too common on Amazon. The original title was "The Rise and Fall of the Mickaylan Empire" but that titles seems to wordy but who knows maybe I will go back to it. With that in mind, thank you to those who read my work.

Until next time, melt the snow with a hairdryer and prance in the mud.

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