Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Sucks About January

Today, I took down my Christmas tree. I know it is January 12 but in my defense, I didn't even get the tree until 4 days before Christmas. I was supposed to get the night I got stuck on the mountain but obviously that didn't happen. It was a small tree but fat much  like a troll. I got it for ten bucks at the grocery store. And it had the soft needles. It was a really nice tree. Anyway...

As I am taking off the tinsel, it is falling to the floor but I am not fast enough to grab it. The cat who was sleeping quite peacefully decided now is the time to grab tinsel. He was so good all the time the tree was up. While the tinsel is falling, I am fighting with the cat because he is trying to eat it. I shoo him away. Within seconds he is on the other side of the tree snatching tinsel off the floor. Finally, I gather all the tinsel and shoo the cat away once again.

My poor little tree is pretty dry now and I am taking off the ornaments, needles fall to the floor. I can even here the piano sounds when they drop (you know from Charlie Brown Christmas when Charlie Brown places his tree on Shroder's piano and needles fall there is this soft twinkling noise). With the ornaments off, I start with the lights and more needles come off and of course I break a ball that I forgot. Again one of those things that has happened all Christmas season. Now my little tree is naked.

With tree stand and all I take it out side and of course there is a lovely trail of pine needles all the way out the door. It is sad to take down the Christmas tree because that means Christmas is over, really over. Even the neighbors already took down their outside lights and now the street is dark once again. It is now that the feeling that winter is here for another two months and it will be dark longer and of course cold (except not for today because it was unusually warm, I think it made all the way to 40 degrees heat wave).

I admit it, I still have garland all in the living room but I don't think I will take it down. I like it on the walls. I am one of those people who like to have stuff on the walls. You should have saw my bedroom when I was growing, Christmas lights all over and posters and other things I cut out just because I liked them.

Well with that may the moon see you pee and the deer steal your trashcan and start a band.

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