Monday, May 2, 2016

Maceration Protoplasm of the Stars

prepared by a previous life
infinite spiral filaments
crystallized by spherical
variation and clustered in
blue milk
this marvelous phenomenon-
a sufficiency of exactness
from obscure corkscrew fission
power and influence on linen,
weak wine, and indigo opium
turns to the anomalous rescued
spore- an exclamation
of astonishment
as flagella protrude
into the never-ending and almost
unlimited powers of
our universal fermentation
assimilating in nature

Source: Conn, H.W. “The Story of Germ Life.” Web 2 May 2016.

Hey all, here is my poem for prompt 29 from The Found Poetry Review. This one was to collect words and phrases from a difficult text such as a science or math book. You can read the full prompt here

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