Sunday, March 1, 2015

Electric Soup

You and I are life forms of the quantum soup.
Chi is the driver of life and
stagnation is the antithesis of chi.
the quantum soup is reaching it’s tipping point,
Who do you want to be?

The soup is too hot and
chi is found in my coffee cup.
I say let the soup spill to the ground,
mix it with a branch and sell
mud pies to the travelers.

You and I are the dream weavers of the new world.
we exist as super-charged electrons and
we dream, we dream, we are reborn.
This circuit never ends,
have you found your circuit?

Those dreams wake me in the night
and in predawn, I find the remote
control is broken and the circuit
floating on melting snow.
Sleep offers only demise and no reprise.

You and I are messengers of the multiverse.
Complexity is the driver of rejuvenation and
to traverse the story is to be one with it.
Unifying stardust is now happening worldwide,
can you feel the electricity?

Electricity comes from the live
socket where the broken light bulb rests
the jolt races my heart and I stick my
fingers in once again, it tells
me I am alive because sometimes I forget.

*** Hey all, this poem was created using a poetry prompt from Found Poetry Review. I love generators, sometimes I can find some clever phrases. Some I have used in my  poetry collages. Many of the italicized passages does not come from the generator. The only exception is "have you found your circuit?" I just made it italics so it matched the rest of the poem. I did add in the word "and" when appropriate, and of course punctuation where needed.

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