Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blood on the Carpet by JM Scott FREE for a Short Time

Hello all, I was going to write about Blood on the Carpet last week when I published it, but I decided to wait since I knew it was going to be FREE this week. That's right it's FREE across the world. Woo hoo. I know for my fans in Europe, you have to pay tax for online purchases, so this is your opportunity to check out the book without paying the tax. Anyway...

I mentioned in a previous post that these stories are old. I wrote them probably 5 or more years ago. Are you wondering why I put them in Kindle now? I just started with Kindle two years ago. My goal is to keep publishing through Kindle because I want to build a fan club before I find a traditional publisher. This particular book will only be a Kindle book and it is priced at $.99. I want people to read it and to enjoy it.

OK now let's talk about the book. Inside there are 6 very short stories that read very fast. They are not meant to win the Pulitzer but to pass the time and entertain you. It would make a good book to read while waiting  for an appointment, to read  on the bus or train or  to read with a bowl of cereal.

*"Brown Shells" is the longest story in the collection. Blurb- Aliana moves back into her childhood home. Her young daughter starts talking on the phone with her dead mother. With the help of a psychic private eye, Aliana discovers who really killed her mother so many years before.

*"Red River Dam Killer" Lorelai is a writer who's latest book is about a serial killer in her home town. Can she discover the identity of the Red River Dam Killer before another woman dies?

*"La Mort a la Tour (Murder at the Tower)"  This story is set in Paris.  A woman detective  tries to unravel the mystery of a murdered American art student.

*"The Death of Mally" Ari, a police detective, tries to find out what really happened to her best friend on the night of her best friend's death.

*"Who Killed Jocelyn Moore" Jocelyn and Peyton were best of buds then turned into enemies. When Jocelyn turns up dead, the police arrest Peyton for the murder but Peyton claims she did not kill Jocelyn. So who did?

*"Jealous Lovers and Cheating Wives" I know the book is marked under women sleuths, and this story is the exception as the detective is male. Think detective pulp stories and add talking insects and you have an interesting story that pushes the boundaries of the mystery genre.

What do you think of the book cover? I love it, it is one of my favorites and I had to spend a lot of  time with GIMP to get it pretty close to the vision in my head. I was going for a vintage, pulp feel and I think that it worked out real nice.

I hope you snag your copy of Blood on the Carpet and I hope you enjoy it. It was a pleasure for me to go back through the stories, reading and reworking them. 

Till next time...

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