Friday, March 6, 2015

Ya- Yas Under the Dome

I know why many times books and their respective movies are sometimes different from each other. One reason is in the  differences between a novel and a screenplay. In a novel, you write everything, you suck the reader in so they keep changing the page. You really have as many pages as you want. In a typical screenplay (Not including those long ass movies like Lord of the Rings or Titanic) the movie is around 120-130 minutes. When you write a screenplay one page (on average) of script is equal to one minute of live action. So that is one reason why movies and books are so different. Many times, the book is much better than the movie. Though, I do think some movies do a damn good job reflecting the book. One example  I can think of is Harry Potter.

If someone wanted to make a movie out of my first novel (yes, this is total hint and tell your friends in Hollywood or Indie film makers, the movie rights are available) Moonswallow Gates, I know for fact the script would be vastly different. The novel flips back and forth through time, a family's bloody legacy is in those pages. I suppose someone could make a mini-series or something similar. I do not want to write the screenplay for Moonswallow Gates, at least not yet, I do not how to really write a screenplay. I do plan on taking one screenwriting class in school. But you know, what I am cool with whatever changes that have to be made because one my novel would be a movie ,and two I would be paid quite well for the movie rights. I guess some hardcore people would bitch but not me. I think it would be awesome for Moonswallow Gates to be made into a movie.  I do have two ideas for scripts believe it or not. One is based on a short story I wrote and I want to sell it to ABC Family for their 25 days of Christmas and the other I have an idea for I want to sell to ScyFy Channel. So if anyone has any idea how to get my script to these studios let me know. I will definitely study screenwriting form on my own if I have to.

Now for today's topic...

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I absolutely love this book, except for the ending, but that is minor because I just loved the book so much. I just read the book this last week.  And just by happenstance, the movie was on Netflix and I am like why not. The movie, I didn't like as much. It was okay and Sandra Bullock was almost how I imagined Siddalee Walker. The movie was okay and I probably would have liked the movie better if I never read the book. Though I did like how Sidda was a writer in the movie as opposed to a play director, it made more sense.  The movie did keep many of the important events in the novel but it was just too different from each other.

Under the Dome. Now here is a weird one, I started watching the show on CBS and I liked it. In fact, I could not wait for season 3 to get here, I dug out the book and read it a few days. I like the show way better than the book. In fact, I found the book a little lackluster and kind of disappointing. I like Barbie and Junior better in the show. I also think Hank (I have no idea what his real name is but the DEA agent from Breaking Bad) is the perfect Big Jim.  I also like the four hands and the egg and all that other stuff that is not in the book.  I think this one of those cases, where the idea was there and it is interesting but maybe Mr King couldn't just get it right but he is given a second chance with the show. He is Stephen King and I don't think it matters what he publishes because people will buy it. I get it though, I have stuff that isn't so great and then I have stuff that I sit back and wonder if I really wrote that.

So there you go, those are my thoughts for the day. The weather is improving and I am looking forward to finally defrosting my toes, I think they have been frozen since December.

Till next time...

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