Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jet Star Jockey by JM Scott FREE until Jan 26 2017

Hey all, I wanted to let you know that Jet Star Jockey is FREE on all markets until January 26, 2017.

I can't believe the book has already been out a year. Some of my older ones have been out for three. I am still proud of this book as it was a year long project that really explored both art making and poetry making.

And I won't make another one like it. I am, however working on a poetry calendar that I should have ready sometime in the fall.

Slowly, I am working on finishing Sanctioned Shadows. I have written some new stories for it. I am still revising those stories and then I have to move the final planning stages of the book. When I first started working on it, I didn't feel like I had enough stories. It's not like there is a set rule or anything, it just didn't seem right to me at the time. Like it wasn't plumpy enough.

Well that's about for now, please enjoy the following sample from Jet Star Jockey. Till next time...

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