Monday, November 7, 2016

VOTE TOMORROW- November 8, 2016

Hello all, Here we are at the end of this election season- can I hear a HALLELUJAH? 

Regardless who wins tomorrow- it will be an election for the history books. Either the first woman president will be elected or a Washington outsider/ business man would be elected.

I cannot stress enough- if you are registered to vote, exercise your right. There are plenty of people in this world who would love to vote for their leaders and do not get that opportunity.

I am not going to tell you whom to vote for; it is your choice.

Remember, the electoral college actually selects the president. Typically, they follow popular vote but this is not always the case. The 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush is evident of that.

But you do vote for members of congress. If you want change don't vote for an incumbent. I would suggest not voting straight ticket, but again that is your choice.

Like it matters what I think... Here are the people I am voting for.

President/Vice President- Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine. I would vote for Gary Johnson if he logistically had a chance of winning but he does not. I do not believe Hillary is the lesser of two evils and I think she would make a fine president.  I am hoping for bi-partisanship between the Democrats and Republicans.

PA Senator- Katie McGinty. This vote has nothing to do with her being a woman or a Democrat but the very fact Pat Toomey did not want to stand up and say give Merrick  Garland a hearing. I feel as if he doesn't do anything in congress.

PA 5th District- Glenn Thompson. Because my husband personally knows him and says he is a good guy.

State Elections-

Auditor general- Roy Minet
Attorney General- Josh Shapiro
Treasurer- James Babb
State Senator District 35- Wayne Langerholc
PA House District 73- Tommy Sankey. Sankey is a Republican, although I feel he is more centrist and I feel like he is doing good job in the state house.

It seems like Pennsylvania matters tomorrow. And there are all these rumors about election watchers and other mayhem. You know what I think will happen tomorrow...

I will go to my polling place a little after 7 am. I will wait in a small line. I will give the older woman my name and then I will sign my name. I will notice that my brother-in-law has not been in yet. I will wait for a machine. I think there are three or four of them. The election attendant will get me set up and I will vote. More than likely,  I will spend about ten to fifteen minutes  in the polling place. There will be no crazy people around. It will be like every other time I vote.

So folks- get out and vote. Until next time...

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