Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This is OUR America, Not Trump's America

Let the title wash over you, breathe it in and exhale it out.  This is the catch phrase of the day "Trump's America" the apostrophe "s" denotes ownership. Since when did that happen, and where is my payment for the sale? But this is supposed to our America, not your America or my America.

Regardless of who you voted for, this is our America. There 535 people in Washington DC that are supposed to represent US. Make them accountable. If you know how government works then you should be pressuring the congress.  But maybe I am just a dumbass (because I might as well call myself names since that is what a lot of people do, on both sides of the aisle. Name calling- because that will get you far in life, poopy head).

I was not exit polled. So unless a poll is done for every single person that voted, no one can extrapolate anything. Because this election is nothing like other elections. 

I am sick of being pigeon holed. I am Caucasian, college educated, female, rural dwelling (my mail is delivered in a vehicle not in a mail truck and live in the heart of coal country Pennsylvania) and I voted for Hillary Clinton. OH MY GOD, you mean someone is an OUTLIER. But of course how would anyone know that? Just lump everyone together.

Speaking of lumping together. I don't need a safe space.  I am not protesting. I am not a millennial. I am really sort of between Gen X and millennials. I never got a participation trophy. I don't even know what one is.  I believe in human rights and if that makes me a liberal elite then so be it (by the way it is a liberal elite?)

I am one those strange people that listen to and think with my own thoughts. OH MY GOD! WHAT A HORRID PERSON.

I can actually read news and discern for myself the level of biasness in a political piece. I am not loyal to any party and as you know I will say shit about both parties.

According to my local paper, 72% people in my county voted for Trump. That means 28% voted for Clinton, Johnson or Stein.

You what to know what it's like here?  Most people in my county do not  make even close to the median income. Industries include logging and coal mining. Many mines are closed yet there are still some that run. The town I live in is dead. Downtown is a strip of empty buildings, a pizza place, a dentist, a couple of stores, a Chinese place, some offices and beauty salons. There are two grocery stores. In between my town and others, there is nothing but trees and mines. There are no good paying jobs in the area. Most jobs you have to either travel over a mountain or drive to Clearfield and Dubois. You have crappy jobs pared with unaffordable healthcare premiums and deductibles, what are you left with? People around here just see the Washington fat cats  while they have nothing.  So when DT says he's going to bring jobs back, reduce regulations on coal these people listen and they believe him.  Unfortunately, the democrat party did not appeal to these people like Trump did.  What they see is the democrat party taking care of everyone else but them.

Now, this is based on my own observations in my own microcosm in Pennsylvania, which is vastly different from other parts of the state. I am not defending DT or the people who voted for him, but I thought maybe people on a larger scale should understand their point of view.

Am I happy Trump won? No. Would I like to say he was a great president? Yes, I would. I hope that he does renegotiate better trade deals so we all win, but no one can say either way. DT is unpredictable, scary yes but that also means we cannot predict anything about him.  I don't condone his language or many of his plans,  but I like to have faith in the congress and checks and balances.

Now, is the time to write letters to your congress people, Make them represent you and your district. Let your voice be heard. And with the internet, it makes it even easier to contact your congress person. I have already sent letters to raise minimum wage, to keep abortion legal and keep Social Security public. Maybe it doesn't seem much to you;  I am one person and at least I am doing something.

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