Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trick or Poem by JM Scott

Hey all, I am proud to announce my 16th Kindle book, Trick or Poem.

There are 31 Halloween or horror themed poems.  And...

It is free until October 31, 2016.

Here is a sample poem:

Piece  Love and Dismemberment

forbidden knowledge 
of tortured souls
adults only human sacrifice 
classic horror-
the act of cutting tearing pulling 
it was a night to dismember 

Salem and the Hawthorn Hotel
splattering the steamy 
solar eclipse vacation policy
with scary stories, the severed arm 
and the bag of bones 

the best kind of people
dead with Pac-Man eyes
mortician chainsaw and hatchet
fragmented transformation 

a man found dead 
among haunted house props
the gory legend folds itself
into a paper football 

I stir the stars
say the words
and my Halloween boyfriend
tears the veil between our worlds
and then my jugular. 

Many words gathered from Bing search pages 1-10 using the term “Halloween Dismemberment.”

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