Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is that Sunhine or Just my Imagination

Here we are in beginning of May and finally it feels like spring. Fuck it feels more like summer today. As if Mother Nature just turned on the tanning bed. In one week, my yard went from growing grass to a yard full of dandelions and now it needs mowed. Times like this I wish I had a goat. Anyway so I am working hard in school this term I am taking Math and part one of Humanities. I hate Math but on the flipside, I am already doing well in the class. One of the nice things about Math is there are no discussion boards, I hate waiting around for other people to make posts so I can respond to them. In Humanities, the people seem to make their posts early on which means I can get my work done earlier in the week. Hey that's great JM but what about your writing?

Hmmm, here's where I could make a clever excuse but there is none. I haven't been motivated to write. Although I started a short story while we were camping last weekend. I plan to keep the short story as a short story and send it away. It has been forever since I sent anything away. Because I find looking for a publisher very tedious. Yes, I know that is an excuse because if I worked harder on publishing eventually I will be published the odds are in my favor, the more work I send out the better chance I have to be published. Supposedly, sometime this year I am supposed to have a poem published in Ardent! That magazine had some issues so they pushed their publishing timeline back but I suppose that is the life.

Writing is more than writing, and I wish it was just only the writing. The self-promotion is killing me because I am trying my best I still can't the word out, I can't get book sales and worst of all and I can not get reviews on Amazon if my life depended on it. I can give free copies away and there is silence. It is annoying but then I think about myself and how I don't review books either (it's not just books I don't review anything on Amazon. Okay that's not true I did write one review for my tablet case only because I wanted to share with other people this particular case fits a certain tablet). Perhaps it is the universe telling me  in a karmic way to make reviews and you will get them. Just like the line in the movie, Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come." On the other hand, I have physical copies of my books and I plan on selling them at flea markets alongside my jewelry and try to drum up business and fans by doing it old fashioned way. Sometimes, I need some kind of feedback. Okay enough about that.

And that's about all right now. I am going to outside fix my grill, get a sunburn and do some yard work. Sounds like fun. Till the next time, wear sunscreen and dance in the storm.

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