Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A witch doctor
not in the Cajun south
or a palm lined island
waits for me in her
neat home filled with glass animals.
She sits in her black glory.

You come here for answers she says.

I just need to know.

Yours is a life of pain but
with it great things will blossom
Its kismet baby.

Why me? Why can’t I have a gilded life?

It is gilded in time anyway.

Se destine ou mete wout
la long, men tout kontantman
ini ak yon pri
Your destiny is set, the path long
but all happiness comes with a price.

No smoke, no fiery magic
she shows me out and closes
the door.
As I stand on the smooth and perfect
cement, the berry wreath sways.

I wait for some life changing,
radiating light there is nothing
as rain trickles from above.

I wrote this poem a little more than a year ago. I still really like it. Anyway that mumbo jumbo is creole. Now, it's probably not perfect since I used an online translator but I think it sounds cool nonetheless. I can't remember what inspired this and I don't think it really matters but I wanted to share a poem with the world.  I haven't written poetry in a long while and I really should start working on poetry. I miss writing poetry. My next term I will be taking intro to creative writing so I should be writing at least one poem. Today is a stormy day, a very stormy day. I love nature's raw appeal. Thunder was so deep and loud this morning, it actually rattled the house. Enjoy the poem and if you hate it, please tell me. I want to know.

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