Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mickayla Margarella by JM Scott

Hey all, I really should get on the ball about posting at least once a week or so. I used to be a hardcore blogger back in the day but I find myself doing other things including school work. Okay. A couple of weeks ago, I published my latest novelette Mickayla Margarella. It is a romance. I wrote this story years ago and I still think this is a good story. I spent a lot of time rewriting this story as I seemed to mature as a writer. I couldn't believe that I thought the story was good enough to send away when I first wrote it.  And this is what it is about...

Mary-Anne is a small town girl with Hollywood dreams. She is a young wife and mother who does the occasional commercial in New York City, as fate would have it an agent is at her latest commercial shoot. He takes her to a fancy party to meet a producer. And the stars are really shining for Mary-Anne as she is offered a job in Hollywood. This is her dream and she doesn't think twice and takes the job offer. At the same time she begins an affair with her agent. Mary-Anne changes her name to Mickayla and goes to Hollywood. This novelette follows Mickayla for 30 years, her ups and downs, the men she loves and the men she hurts.

I like this book cover (uh duh, right, I did make it). It started with a picture of Hollywood and then I did some editing such as playing with the saturation and brightness and then I faded it out. I wanted to make the title sparkle but when I put the sparkle effect in, there was no sparkle. The best I could do was to make the lettering gold (well as far as RGB coding is concerned). Sure it's a romance but I didn't have two people just laying around willing to do a smooch scene for the book cover except for the Barbies and the headless Ken doll. And I am a writer on a budget, so I am not paying for a picture either.

If you like a romance Hollywood type of story then check out Mickayla Margarella it's $2.99 in the US market and will be on Kindle Countdown Deals at the beginning of the coming month. So you can wait until then. Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE!

In case you haven't noticed, I am slowly working on taking my Kindle books and making them into print books.  There are three of them available right now and they are The Wolf's Red Rose, The Afterlife of Tanya Madera and Heart of Goddess.  The next ones I will be working on will be the poetry book and the Mickayla story. I am going to leave the Santa story as a Kindle book for the time being.

One last thing before I go... I am slowly working on a brand new ebook. ETA and title are unknown at this point but it is a new story and it will be HORROR. All right that is enough for one day.

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