Friday, March 14, 2014

The Afterlife of Tanya Madera by JM Scott On Sale Now

Sorry this is late but the latest ebook I wrote, The Afterlife of Tanya Madera, is on sale through Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals. This is only for sale in the US market for another 3 days. To make it on sale through the UK market I would need to raise the price and I don't want to do that.

So here is the one liner: Jackie and Bill Crocker go hiking in the woods and find the remains of teenaged girl who then takes Jackie hostage in a ghost coma. Bill and a parapsychologist rush to find out who she is before time runs out and Jackie is lost forever. Right now it is $1.99 for this book. It is a mystery/thriller/ supernatural horror/ coming of age story that is perfect for reading right now!

If you get the book I thank you in advance.

Here are some other tidbits of info:

Nickolaus  a short story available on Kindle is free for a limited time in all markets. I am just not making a big hoopy do who because it is a Christmas story.

I am still working on the romance novelette. School has me real busy right now but once I get the two papers written, I will have more time for working on the ebook. It does have a title and it is called Mickayla Margarella.

Until next time when we shall meet under the fiery rains and the ocean turns to acid, I will be the streak in the sky.

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