Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heart of a Goddess byJM Scott FREE

Hello all. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary for my first self-published ebook on Kindle, Heart of a Goddess and I decided to celebrate by offering the book for FREE!!!! This book is free on all markets and will be free until March 14, 2014. For the US market just click here to get your free copy. All other markets just search for the title or you can find it by searching for my name JM Scott.

I am proud of this book and the book cover. Originally, it was supposed to be sold to a third party where they would put my name on it but they kept the rights but it was rejected because adult content. There is blood, gore, sex and a break from reality. I drew everything on the cover including the lettering. My husband put it all together and colored it in and voila it's a pretty awesome book cover.

What it's about: Leonard is a lonely copywriter who stumbles upon a poorly dressed woman in a snow storm. It is a whirlwind romance (I use this term loosely) and she tells him everything he wants to hear from a beautiful woman that she loves him. In fact, he will do anything and does by bringing her beating human hearts for her to consume. But there is much more to the story. SO check it out today.

And now let's pretend I am talking to you, this is where I am begging.... please read this book and then review this book on Amazon. Your reviews will mean the world to me. Please just make them honest. An honest review will do one of two things- If there is something wrong, I will fix it and become a better writer or if you love the book I will sell more books. Either way, you are helping me out.

My thoughts on KDP: I have been with KDP for a year now and I think it is one of the best decisions I have made to advance my writing career. At first it was daunting and scary with creating a book cover and formatting the book but now after I have self-published several, I love doing it. I actually plan what my next ebook is going to be and start planning the cover. I am a writer that needs a kick in the ass sometimes and now with KDP I have a goal: I am going to make sure I have a boat load of ebooks on Kindle so I can not be ignored. I have faith that eventually, the reviews will come in. Actually I have a very positive review for one of my other books in the UK Market.

As always, I thank you for your continued support.

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