Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hey It's March

And it's about time for March as well. To me this seemed like an extra long winter with too much snow.  Today, is the day for winter storm Tritan and I am thinking that it won't be as bad here as it will for other places. Enough about the weather, I am looking forward to spring.

My first term at college ended and I am happy to report that I have very good grades. More than likely straight A's. I took English Composition 1 and an online success class. I was dreading taking the English class because I didn't have the best luck with English. I probably should explain that more. I love writing and the work isn't hard but I hard time getting good grades because I had no idea what was wrong. This school has an online writing lab which I used extensively. This gave my essays more eyes and the people pointed out what was wrong. Even my English teacher said she could see a difference in my writing from the beginning until now and we are only talking eight weeks. I am one of those kinds of people that need to be shown what's wrong and not told.

On other news, I am working a on a new ebook. This is a romance story that follows the life of  a young woman who becomes an actress and who she hurts in the process. In true romance fashion, there is a happy ending. I wrote the story several years ago and I actually thought it was worthy of publishing since I sent it to a bunch of places. Of course it was rejected every single time. It is a good story and I wanted to make an ebook since it is already over 10,000 words. WOW the first time I read this story in awhile and I can't believe I thought it was good enough to send away. I found so many mistakes: grammar, story, and just everything. My style has improved over the years and I've already started working on this story and I am spending a lot of time editing the story, fixing the grammar issues and making the story more smooth, adding more details (more in depth sex scenes). I have no idea when it will be done. I also have to think of a title but I think I have one.  This will be another novelette because it's over 13,000 words right now.

I have other writing projects to work on such as a kid's book series that has a magical pen, finish typing up the haiku from my project from two years ago plus writing and more writing. I haven't written very much poetry lately so that is also on my to do list as well.

Okay folks, enough for right now. Take a joke and light a smoke, I'll be back soon enough.

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