Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week One of Nanowrimo

Technically, it's day ten of Nanowrimo but go with me. It started on November  1st and except for two days, I wrote every single day. So I will pat myself on the back because I am working toward the goal. The goal for Nanowrimo is 50000 words, I want to finish the novel completely but even when I make it to the goal, I will finish the novel because once you reach 50,000 what's another 25,000 or more. What's another of week of dedicated writing to finish the novel?

I want to share with you some of my own personality traits, I have overcome thus far. I have a cold and at the beginning of November it was worse than it is now but I buckled down and wrote. I made the time to write. When I was done with work, instead of napping or watching the boob tube, I made an effort to write. Now some days I wrote more words than others but I wrote and right there is the most important thing. This month I discovered I am more than a web content writer, more than a freelance writer. I am a real writer living the writing dream. On the two days I didn't write physically, I wrote in my head or at least planned the next scenes out and when I would sit down to write again, the words just poured from my fingers.  I can write a novel and I don't know why I quit before.

I also learned the beauty of a first draft and the beauty of chapters. I learned editing is better done at the end, at least for me. I don't have an outline and every time I write, the story surprises me. Just like writing used to when I was younger. I might be thinking of something else but the characters seem to come alive and make the story and I am only telling it. It is a wonderful thing, it is like watching a child grow up. The novel is a discovery onto itself. 

So where does my word count stand? As of right now, I have written 21,764 words. I'm almost the halfway mark. Today was the first day I read my novel from the beginning. I think I may even discovered my voice somewhere after chapter 2. However, this is not the longest piece of fiction I wrote, at least not yet anyway.   I started a novel an couple of years ago and I quit writing it at 27,000 words. Perhaps I should go back to it.

The novel still has no title but that is the least of my worries. I want to publish it when it is done. It is not the Great American novel and I don't think it will win me a Pulitzer. But the novel is demented and twisted, sexy and steamy, sweet and tender all wrapped in interweaving stories. This is a novel I would purchase and read and this the novel I am writing.

So this is the end for now... let wind take you.

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