Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's It Been a Week?

Has it been a week or more since I wrote? Yeah probably I've been busy with other things. And tomorrow I will be working on a pretty large project for freelancing which is going to pay pretty nicely, so I probably won't be writing on here too much. Just to let you know.

So what have I been doing?

Researching polymer clay techniques. I am addicted to clay now and I am working on complex canes. I made my first one today. Tommorrow I will slice them down and bake. I will probably will make one into a real necklace and the others I am going to sell on just a peice of hemp. I made some the other day which turned out okay.

Still working on my third ebook as in still working on the cover. My husband is helping out with the photoshop. All I'm supposed to do is create a drawing which I finally got around tonight and tell him how I want the cover. He found some pretty nifty fonts on the web that will fit nicely with the story.

Preparing poetry to sell on my store. Most of it is done but I still have to scan some sheets of paper in and print some sample poems and scan them in as well.

I went to visit my parents on Sunday they live in eastern Pennsylvania. Sunday morning came around and guess what there was snow on the roads so we waited until 11 am to leave and it is about a 4 hour trip there. Someone want to tell me why gas on the other end of the state is 20 cents cheaper. Anyway, once in the area, we stopped for WaWa coffee. MMMM I love WaWa coffee. Then we drove to see my mom. Then turned around and saw my dad.

Let me tell you about the crazy dog my dad has. He really is nuts but I wouldn't mind taking him home. His name is Rocky and he is a pug. Dad set up an air matteress for my husband and I. My daughter slept on the recliner couch. At this time Rocky is napping peacefully. My dad shuts off the light and dog runs wild. We are lying there then he pounces on the matteress. Rolls up and down the matteress and hops off. Then he comes back and chews on himself then leaves. Once more he rolls around the bed. Now he is really getting naughty. He crawls up my side and lays down for thirty seconds then jumps back off. He snorts in my face and runs off and brings a toy.

And now he is hopping to where my daughter is and hopping back down on our bed. I let him outside. When he comes back in, I give him a treat and he is much calmer and goes to sleep. Thank god. I think he was crazy for a good half hour if not more.

On Monday, we started back to home. First we took a lovely tour of Allentown because I didn't know how to get back on a road I knew. Lucky for us we found another WaWa and got more coffee and found a road I knew. We decided to stop at Roadside America, a really nifty roadside attraction off Interstate 78 at the Shartlesville exit. Inside is a huge miniature village with a lot of movng parts and of course many model trains.  It is really reasonable to visit. I have some pictures but they are still on my tablet and I didn't get around to putting them on my computer but I will post them forthright.

And that my friends is all there is to it. Until we meet each other again at the cow's funeral in Toronto.

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