Saturday, March 30, 2013

Murder Mystery Party Games

I know I mentioned several times, one of my freelance clients hired me to write murder mystery party games. And I know I said in the last post that the next post will be dedicated to these games. You can find the games at

In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. First thing I did was hit the web and all I found were games and no help. Lucky for me, Toys R Us was having a sale on murder mystery party games so I bought one. And really that didn't help. Here I thought I had to write a play, and it is sort of like that but I don't write the actual dialogue but only provide the things to say.

Writing these games actually helped me be a more organized writer. Since when I start the game, I have a very basic idea and then I create the characters. Once the characters are done I create the backstory. Before even heading to the computer I write down who the victim is, who the killer is and why. And the game does not stray from this. I write all the clues on my computer once I have the characters all typed up. If you know, I rarely every plan anything out but since I have to with the games it kind as flowed to other parts of my writing world.

I wrote a few of the games on and they are Vampire Reunion a game where a group of high school friends are at a party and one of them dies and it looks like a vampire did it. Murder at the Chartalan is a 1920's gangster themed type of thing feautring Sal Scapone (and we all know who he is modeled after). The Emperor's Murder is a sci-fi theme murder mystery game that takes place on another planet. I also helped with The Birthday Killer which is about a killer who only kills on someone's birthday.

These are games that you print right from your home computer after you buy them. They come with everything you would need to have a good party.  I think it would be cool to throw one of these. So why not check out and throw a hell of a party!

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