Saturday, April 25, 2015

Poetry, Prose and Plans

I know two weeks went by without a post from me, but in my defense, I have been super busy with poetry writing and the end of term school stuff. So now you know let's move on to the topics of the day....

Poetry- As many of you know, I participated in the Found Poetry Review's National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts). I just uploaded the last poem today. This whole week, I was doing two a day so I can finish early enough. So what am I going to be doing with all these poems? I know I mentioned about making a chap book and that is the tentative plan. I downloaded the Kindle Kids ebook creator (it is also for comic books and graphic novels as well) and I hope this helps with format and since there will be pictures in the book, I think this is the best tool.

My last poetry book Into the Garden was a formatting nightmare where I had to edit the book line by line in HTML and it still wasn't perfect. If this new tool works well, I will redo the first poetry book and release it again. I think it will work better because your work with PDF's. I don't have a title yet or projected release date but I am shooting for June sometime. Some of the poems need  tweaking because the prompts made it somewhat difficult to create a perfect poem. On the other hand some turned out really well and may not need any revision.  I really enjoyed working on most of the prompts, I liked some better than the others. All 30 poems will be in the book! 

Prose- I don't know how many of you noticed that you have to click on the button that says "I'm 18" or whatever that button is. Months ago, I said Google was going to make certain blogs private,  if they had adult content,  so I was going to get rid of  Suburban Vampires. Then a week or so later, I got another notice stating they weren't going to do this, instead people with adult content had to activate the warning. What the hell does this  all mean?

I am going to bring back the series, in fact I want to spend more time working on it and actually finish it. I decided to start using to do lists again and I do get a lot of things done when I use them. This is my last week in this term and then I have a break. Plan is to write a couple of chapters so I can post them on here. 

In addition to the other stuff on my to do list, I added one key thing: to send one story or poem to a publisher. I am happy to report I have been doing this steady for the last 5 weeks. I try not overwhelm myself and just send one thing either poems or a story. I made a damn spreadsheet. You better believe I am getting serious about publishing.

Okay well, the month of May seems like it will full of possibilities. Till next time...

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