Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy National Poetry Month

Yeah it's April!!! Not only does that mean, one day in the very near future I might be able to enjoy short sleeve shirts and sunshine but this is the start of National Poetry Month and the official start of PoMoSco (I wrote about the project last blog post). I have a bunch of my poems scheduled for the next week so it will be easier to find my poems by clicking here. You can also visit PoMoSco to read other poets' work.

So the reason I have so many poems scheduled, is the family and I are going to DC tomorrow until Monday evening.  I have one poem scheduled per day. I hope you check out my work and other people who are also doing the project. 

Okay, so DC is on the horizon. We are definitely going to try and get to the National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly. I really want to see the space shuttle. We are also planning on seeing all the monuments and the art museums as well.  After this shitty winter, DC will be a welcomed vacation. Really hoping to eat at Popeye's. There seems to be one everywhere.

I am already half way through the term at school and doing well in both my classes. I really enjoy my screenwriting class. I might just tackle that screenplay for ABC Family sooner than later. Also, for the last three weeks in a row, I have been sending out stuff to traditional publishers. My goal is to send one thing away once a week. Yeah, it seems like a small number but it is something I can do. In fact, I sent poems to The New Yorker  the other day and I will be sending poems to Rhino  in just a little bit here. I even made a spread sheet and for those that actually know me, this is a big step since I am the queen of chaos and organization is not my strong suit.

Not too long of a post today, I have a lot stuff to do before going away. I implore you all to  check out PoMoSco and read my poems on there.

Till next time...

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