Friday, October 3, 2014

Santa's Shorts- Christmas Short Stories and Poems by JM Scott

Yes, I love things that go bump in the night, blood, guts, gore, zombies, vamps, werewolves, witches and Christmas. I've always loved Christmas, the good will toward men, the cookies, the presents, being Santa Claus, the Christmas movies,  and all that happy horseshit. I've had plans for this book for a couple of years now and it is come to fruition (I really like the word fruition so I plan on using it a lot.) Anyway, two of the stories you may have read before because there were on here. Were is the operative word because I only left samples of the stories this way you would buy the book.

So what in tar nation is Sannta's Shorts? It is a collection of short stories and poems that center around that red and green, silver and gold holiday- Christmas.   Every year, for the last couple of years  I wrote a Christmas themed poem and every year for the last three, I wrote a Christmas short story.  (Yes, Nikolaus is a Christmas story in some demented way) and I wanted to put them all together. If you look at the sample the first poem is a sonnet. Yes, a sonnet. I wrote it for my poetry class at school and I think it turned out really nice.

Here's what's included in the book:

Christmas Memories, sonnet
Welcome Christmas, renku (linked haiku)
And He Gave Them Christmas a short story that takes place in the Great Depression where a boy learns the meaning of Christmas and family
Christmas Spirit, acrostic poem
Holly and Ivy, short story about twins who find each other and had no idea the other existed and learn how important family is
Every Christmas After the Last, free verse with rhyming
Christmas with Gramma, brand new short story about a woman who lives with her elderly grandmother and she has to pay her cousins to come for one last Christmas but in the end they discover what Christmas and family is all about
Yule Greetings, acrostic poem

About the cover- my husband really rescued this cover. You should have seen the one I made, it wasn't so good. In fact it was B-O-R-I-N-G. He really did a nice job with because he made the background come alive and that is exactly what I wanted.

Santa's Shorts is $5.99 now but will go on sale at the end of October. I wanted to release at the end of September so people would be more willing to buy it since it will be on sale and close to the holidays.

One last thing....
I don't know why I am a writer, I guess I've always been a writer even when I wasn't writing. I was always thinking of  stories. I publish my work, I write in my blog because I want to be read. I can write all day long and it doesn't mean much unless I have people to read it. I want to be read, I want to entertain you. You want to be entertained, don't you? I can't do this (whatever this is, the word is just so dramatic) without you.

Until next time....

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