Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coming Soon Moonswallow Gates

I've been up in the air about Moonswallow Gates. One part of me thinks I should try sending it out to traditional publishers and there is another part of me that is screaming THE TIME IS NOW. I shouldn't wait to publish but do it now. The time is now, it's about as good as any I suppose. I finished the book cover the other day and now I preparing the manuscript first for Kindle and then for print. I have already went through 107 pages. When it is printed there will be about 300 or so pages which isn't too bad for a 6x9 book.

Do you want to know a secret? I am scared to publish it. The novel is seen as this pinnacle to writing. To write the novel. To publish the novel. This novel could one of  three things:

1. It could make me
2. It could break me
3. It would neither make or break me and it will just one of thousands of titles on Kindle.

See what I mean? It's like I am jumping into a deep ass sea with no clothes on and I see the hungry sharks coming my way. This novel, my novel, is nothing like the novelettes and short stories I published before.  I admit, I enjoyed my own book. I want to share my book with you because I don't think it should be locked away on the hard drive of computer for all eternity. I want to share this with you and I hope you don't think different of me when I do.

I have to push those fears aside because maybe those sharks are tiger sharks and they won't bite or maybe I will plunge into the water and find myself lifted out of danger in a shiny bubble. Who knows. I don't want to wait. What will happen will happen, right? Isn't that the saying?

Maybe there is nothing to fear. Maybe I am over reacting. Maybe imagination is too wild.  Just maybe I should shut the hell up and let the world pass judgment.

I am working on the Kindle version which I want to have done in the next week.  Within the week of the Kindle release, I will have it available for print.  Remember Moonswallow Gates by me JM Scott. A novel filled with MAGIC, WITHCES, SEX AND BLOOD. Awesome right? I should be able to sell 50 copies with that alone.

When we meet again, I will have a novel published. Until then, keep your feet warm and your ice cream in your underwear.

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