Saturday, October 19, 2013


I’ve always been
running, packing, moving
changing and that wind just
keeps pushing me along
now I’m always looking,
finding those secrets
locked in the closet
memories from 20 years ago
because the growing is slowing
and my feet don’t move as fast
two divorces that weren’t my own
then I’m an orphan by design
what is a family that fades by distance
or one that just fades
graduation was just a place in
this orbiting galaxy
and 15 years later there’s
bits of home in this state and
in that state yet the wrecking ball
keeps on wrecking and 35 mm
photos disappear from losing
it’s fight with time
time never changes
only circumstance
nostalgia- movies made in 1985
that I didn’t see until I was an adult
those rule breakers, detention getter kids
they were nothing like me the quiet one
the smart one but I lived with out shooting
the school and buying drugs
there is my home, ground base
now I am flying, dreaming, living

Thinking about what's going to happen in the next chapter of Suburban Vampires but until then I hope you enjoy the poem

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