Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Solar Green

Serendipity is made for the movies and
Our desires lurk from dreams into
Lukewarm blankets.
Arrows forged in steel and
Raw glass, gate the entrance

Give him the sacrifice steeped in
Ruby lips. The
Envelope comes in the mail, an
Evangelist looks for money to praise god while he stands
Nude with women quivering in the dark.


It has been much too long since I posted any kind of creative writing and I should post more. I say that all the time but I should follow through with it. And the first order of business is to write another chapter of Suburban Vampires. I started this blog a year ago as a place for the world to see all my writings- poetry, stories, blog posts and opinion articles. Though one goal has been accomplished, I use my blog for my freelance writing career and people actually hire to write things for them.

I hope you enjoy the poem. I just thought I should mention solar green is a type of glass color. And just in case you didn't notice, the poem is an acrostic poem.

Fall comes with a prickling breeze and you are left alone on the beach in your bikini.

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