Thursday, June 6, 2013

Her Brother, Buddy

Daylee ran through the pouring rain, calling Buddy’s name. The Christmas lights shimmered in pools of water on the sidewalk. Buddy was her older brother but he needed constant care. Their parents couldn’t bare to put him in a home.

Buddy used to be just fine and dandy. Actually, he was better than that. He was the star and well Daylee never measured up. He was smart, popular and according to her friends a hottie. Two years ago when he reigned supreme and Daylee was in his shadow, Buddy got high on some bad stuff and jumped from a window. He landed in some bushes but he cracked his head in several places against the brick house. And now Buddy was normal one minute and who knows about the next perhaps a 5 year old trapped in a 19 year old’s body.

The wind blew and Daylee pulled her coat around her. Caddy, her best friend, drove up beside her.

“Hey girl, any sign of Buddy?” she asked.

“No. Mom and Dad will love this,” Daylee replied.

“What happened?”

“I was on the phone with Doug. He wanted to see me, he said it was important. I said I couldn’t because I had to babysit stupid Buddy. Then I heard the door slam.”

“So he heard you?”

“I guess. Probably didn’t even take his coat and its getting colder,” Daylee said.

“It’s supposed to snow.”

“Thanks for the news flash."

“Any idea where he would go?” Caddy asked shivering.

Daylee shook her head.

“Well you stay on the streets and I’ll drive around looking for him.”

“Thanks,” Daylee said. Caddy rolled up the window and sped off into the night.

The night of Buddy’s accident, Buddy convinced Daylee to come to a party. She had a crush on his friend, Andy. Buddy always tried to include her but she didn’t want his help or to be a pity case. He liked to rub her nose in everything he had. It was Christmas time. Daylee dressed up and left with Buddy to the party. As soon as they got there, he disappeared with a blonde up the stairs. Daylee didn’t know anyone and plopped on the couch. The whole night sucked, why did she even go?

Hours later, she got up and went looking for Buddy upstairs. Opening the door, she found him wrapped in a sheet snorting a line.

“What are you doing?” she yelled.

“Just having some fun, sis. Try some maybe you wouldn’t have a stick up your ass.”

“How do you consider this fun?” Daylee asked.

“Live a little, Day. Damn you act like you know everything and you want to be on the top of the world but you’re too much of a tight ass to have fun. It’s a wonder you have friends,” he snarled and snorted another line.

Who was this person, Buddy never said horrible things to her.

“What are you talking about? Give me the keys and I’ll drive. We should go.”

“You are a bitch Day. You are mean and condescending. You’re jealous of me. You are nothing.”

Tears welled in her eyes, “I want to go Buddy, give me the keys.”

He grabbed his pants and tossed her the keys. He stood at the window, dropped his sheet and said “go. I think it is a nice night for flying.”

He jumped. Daylee ran to the window but only watched him fall like a clumsy snowflake.

A car drove by, splashing water on her. Daylee returned to the present. Maybe everything was her fault. She turned and looked into the playground. A large shape hunkered in of the huts of the play set. Daylee snuck up on him, “hey.”

Buddy didn’t answer her.

“I don’t know what you hear but I’m sorry.” She wondered who he was at this moment.

“You’re right about being mad. I fucked up back then.” He was normal but how long would that last.

“We should go home, Buddy,” Daylee said.

“Yup. Maybe I should’ve listened to you that night because maybe everything would be different.”

“Maybe it may not have happened that night but it could’ve happened another night, no one knows.”

“Are you alone?” he asked.


“Good because I just my pissed my pants.”

She took off her coat and put it around his shoulders. They started home. The rain changed to snow. Her cell went off, it was a text from Doug.

“It’s over Day. I wanted to do it in person but it couldn’t wait any longer. Sorry hope we can be friends.”

Mother fucker,” Daylee snapped.

“What’s wrong?” Buddy asked.

“Dough just dumped me through a text message. How lame is that? Asshole.”


“You didn’t do it Buddy.”

She called Caddy and left her a message.

“Day, are we almost home?” Buddy asked.

“Yeah, Buddy, we are.”

They took a shortcut through Doug’s yard and Caddy’s car was parked out front.

“What the fuck,” Daylee muttered. “We’re making a pit stop. It won’t take long.”

“Day, we really should go home.”

“Don’t worry, no one will pay attention to you, just stand behind me.”

Daylee pounded on the door. Doug answered.

“Is Caddy here?”

“Look we wanted to tell you.” Caddy appeared at his side.

“What the hell, Caddy? You are my best friend. I thought you were helping me find Buddy.”

“Well you found him. Sometimes things just happen.”

“Whatever. Come on Buddy.” They left the porch and she didn’t look back nor did she want to. Daylee shivered in the cold. She unlocked the front door of their house. Buddy rushed passed her and started jumping on the sofa.

“Come on Buddy, stop jumping on the furniture. You have to change your pants.”

He jumped off the couch and ran upstairs. She locked the door when someone knocked on it. It was a delivery man with flowers and a pizza. It was Andy.

“Hey what do I owe the pleasure, Andy?”

“I was in the neighborhood,” Andy replied.

Buddy bounded down the steps chanting, “Andy loves Daylee. Andy loves Daylee.”

After the accident, all of Buddy’s friends ditched him except Andy. Instead Andy and Daylee became close.

“Come in Andy,” she said while Buddy still chanted his song.

“I can’t, I’m on the clock. I had a delivery but they couldn’t pay so I thought you and Buddy could eat the pizza. The flowers are for you.” He shoved the pizza and flowers in her hands. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. “Call me later after you check the messages.”

Her heart fluttered. She closed the door. Her bad day suddenly forgotten, Daylee pressed the PLAY button on the answering machine.

Just a little side note about this story.... I found this story in one of my journals and I decided to post it on here. It's not a bady story and it's been awhile since I posted a story on here and I thought it was about time. Have a wonderful night.

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