Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear DNC, What the Hell?

I have been a registered Democrat since 2008. I was an Independent beforehand but in this state I have to a be a party member to vote in the primaries. Anyway, since November I have answered a lot of emails on what I think is important for the party to focus on. I have done surveys sponsored by the party. And I get no response from anyone. Anyway...

The other day, I checked the mail and I got a paper survey from the DNC. I open it up all excited because I want to share my opinions. I actually felt like they were interested in my thoughts and opinions. So the first page is typical survey questions then I turn it over and there it is, they want money. Not only do they want money, I have to pay at least $3 to have my survey answers recorded.

WTF? I have to pay the DNC to have my survey answers recorded? That is the most fucked up thing.

So when Hillary Clinton was running for president, she was raising all this money for the Democratic Party. However, I do not know what they used the money for. It sure wasn't for the District 5 candidate. I don't know who it is off the top of my head. I know one thing on Facebook, I was seeing ads for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Glenn Thompson and Pat Toomey. Who is missing from this Katie McGinty and the district 5 candidate. And I know from running TARGETED Facebook ads for Jaded Eklipse, they are a fraction of the cost then running TV ads. So apparently whatever money was raised for the last election cycle was not used to facilitate democrats in this state.

But let's go even smaller, state governments. I was inundated with Republican mailers for state representatives and only once did I receive something from a Democrat candidate. Would you believe the Republican won? Again not even targeted ads on the web for any democratic candidate except for Hillary Clinton, not even Katie McGinty who was running for senator.

Look, I  may not have a degree in marketing but something seems off. Here I am a prime target, female, mid-thirties who likes Hillary Clinton on Facebook and I know if I can do targeted ads for Jaded Eklipse so can others. Sorry I don't vote for letters, I vote for people. I will have vote for people across party lines.

You wonder why the Democrat party is not cohesive? Instead of cultivating the movers and shakers in the bottom of government, they only care about the top dog. Why the fuck would I give money to the DNC when that money  definitely does not help the smaller offices, the ones that actually deal with the people.

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