Thursday, February 23, 2017

And Here I am

Today, where I live it reached a high temperature of 66 with partly cloudy skies. I left this morning a little after eight to take my kid to the dentist and went out without a jacket, it was already in the upper 40's. Hundreds of miles away off I-80, Wyoming was experiencing a blizzard. Pandora is playing songs I like, but I've got some 90's music running through my head.

Scientists discovered seven planets rotating around a star in the Goldilocks zone. I closed on my house today. And sometime in the next week, we will have the deed. Sometimes it feels surreal. Here am I, 36 almost 37 and we finally own our home free and clear. But we are also very lucky because we knew the right people to get us to where we are today.

Last week I was working on March's budget and it is kind of empty because I don't know how much the sewer will cost or the fire insurance or the property taxes. Those are small problems though. One of the greatest things is that since we own the house, when I start paying on student loans, I will have more money to put toward the loans. Unless, I win 100K. That is enough to pay off all my student loans and go to grad school at SNHU.

I am still considering grad school, if I do, it will have to be paid for with cash because I already have a lot of student loan debt and I don't want to add to it either.

How's the writing going?  For once, I can say good. Remember the last post and I said I was stuck. Well I deleted 2000 words of garbage and restarted like I said and I am happy with the progress.  I will start working on the poetry calendar this week. And next week when I am on break I will write five more chapters of Suburban Vampires so I have a bunch done for my weekly posting on Wattpad.

So that's about all for today.

Till next time...

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