Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dear NRA

Thanks for calling today! I don't know why I answered the phone, but I must have thought that is was important. I am not sure why I listened to about half of the recorded message from the VP, I suppose I was curious.  And the gist of the phone call was to try and  solicit money from me  because with Hillary Clinton lurking around the White House, WE ARE IN SERIOUS DANGER OF LOSING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT. HILLARY CLINTON AND THOSE DEMOCRATS ARE TAKING OUR GUNS!!!

Unfortunately, I do not and never have felt that my second amendment right was at risk. I can't believe so many people believe all  Democrats and those associated with them are evil, gun hating people that want to melt all weapons into pony figurines. I don't hate guns.   I'm sorry NRA, I don't respond to your brand of begging for money, what you are pushing is irrational fear. Maybe that works for some people, but not for me.

I believe in the second amendment, as I do with all the amendments. But here's the problem and it's not with Tom, Dick, or Jane's right to own a firearm. Honestly, I really don't give a shit if a law abiding person owns a gun or fifty. What I have a problem with is the people who have a PFA and for some reason get a gun and kill someone.  I have a problem with people who have serious mental issues getting a firearm. I have a problem with people who illegally obtain handguns to kill other people. What I have problem is why in the last twenty years people decide that using a gun is their weapon of choice to kill others for no good reason.

You don't know this, but I am looking for answers for those questions. How are guns getting on the streets and how we do fix the problem? Perhaps if you called me on the phone and told me you wanted to spend my donation on finding solutions to this very real problem, I might donate. If you called me on the phone and told me that the NRA knows there is a gun problem with criminals  and you have real ideas that both sides of the aisle way can agree on then perhaps I would share my money with this cause,

The NRA has a lot of clout, there's no denying it. Instead of screaming that the we are going to lose our guns, which is untrue, perhaps we, me, you, and everyone,  should figure out solutions. Maybe that is how the money should be spent. And NRA, you just  might have a lot more members because you are using your incredible force to benefit all and not just a few.

And before go, since I truly believe in the first amendment right, please feel free to call me names because that is what it seems like people, who do not agree with another person (both Republicans, Democrats and others),  do online. Please call me whatever helps you sleep better at night, or make you feel better about yourself. Chances are,  there is probably at least one grammar mistake call me stupid and uneducated, if you wish.

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