Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December 1

I am happy to report that I did win this year at Nanowrimo! In fact, I hit 50,000 words last week almost a full week before the end of November. My novel is tentatively called Havana, WV but that may change since I never really liked the title, it is more of a place holder. Last night, once we ate dinner, I was sort of lost without writing. The sad part is I have three stories I am working on that need to be finished. I need to pick on and get back on track.

In the meantime, I decided I am going to hardcore edit and revise last year's novel Gone Before Dawn. It needs organization and a well defined timeline. That is what I am working on now. It will be broken into defined chapters that also signify time as well since it takes place in two different dimensions. I really believe this is novel and truth to be told the one I just wrote is something a publisher will want to publish. I even decided on submitting Gone Before Dawn to YA publishers.

I don't set with the intent of writing YA novels, it just happened that way.  Is it too cocky to think that I have a decent novel or novels? I suppose it could also be called confidence but to me it seems like I am full of myself which I am not. Are writer's allowed to think their work is okay or dare I say decent? 

The next term in school started and I am taking poetry workshop two and playwriting workshop. Both classes I am really looking forward to. 

I still want to write a couple of short stories for an upcoming ebook and I am wondering why I can't whip out a short story. I am looking into prompts and whatnots but nothing is inspiring, so if you have prompts please share them. I really would like to start writing a short story at least once a month if not more.

So that's about all for today, I am going to work on some poetry for class.

Till next time....

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