Friday, November 13, 2015

Seaspring Briar by JM Scott FREE 11.15

Hey all, The wind is really crazy out tonight. Sometimes it makes me think there is a snow storm, but when I go out there is nothing. Although the weather folk are calling for snow showers  later tonight. That is something to look forward to. 

A couple of weeks ago, I released my latest ebook, Seaspring Biar on Kindle. It is now free for the next few days! Woo hoo.

This is a long short story and comes in around 12,000 words, if you care about those kinds of things. I wrote many years ago and it was originally  published in an old blog. I really believe this story was decent. It is amazing the more I write and the more I stay dedicated to it, the more I find my earlier stuff to be kind of sub par and not worth  my time editing and creating an ebook out of it. Yet, this story was different. I always liked this story.

What is it about? Briar Rowen is a recent divorcee who decides to live in the family home, Seaspring Briar, which is on the coast of Maine. When she moves in, she realizes her dead great grandparents still reside within in the walls. It is up to Briar to set them free or become a permanent resident herself.  There is some spooky scenes and one bloody scene. It is definitely more of a haunted house story than anything else.

What do you think about the cover? I was a bit leery of the minimalist approach but I really like it. The white is also something that I don't normally use but if I would have changed the background color to black the blood splatter would not be as pronounced. Sometimes it is nice to have a simple book cover. I think it really grabs someone's attention simply because of the image and the white background.

So  grab your free copy today. I hope you enjoy it. I better get working on my novel.

Till next time...

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