Sunday, January 18, 2015

Into the Garden by Jm Scott FREE for a Limited Time

Hello all, in an effort for book reviews, I have been offering my books for FREE in all markets. This week it is Into the Garden: Acrostic Poetry Collection. It will remain free until this Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't remember the day. That link is for the US market but invite all people to pick up a copy. Please, please leave a review. Not only it may help sell more books but it will help me a better writer. Please (just imagine puppy dog eyes right here.)

I would like to share a sample poem from the book. If you enjoy this poem, you might enjoy the rest of the book.

Black-Eyed Susan
Be wary of the saints and their
Lewd ways of moving,
Always in the light while
Chalky clouds sink into the horizon.
Keep the soul in a box with
Elephants dancing to
Yesterday’s tune
Ethereal litanies flourish across the
 Desert. Sweet Solomon whispers.

Someone calls my name, I
Up and run to the
Sanguine valleys,
A ditty in dusk and a
Noxious night feeding.
Till next time...

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