Friday, December 19, 2014

Cacophony of my Nightly Deluge

Get on the bus.
Up in the air-
she said to go
Which way?

Get on the bus.
From here to there
did you see it?
see the water?

Get on the bus.
All day long
we like to write
how many words?

Get on the bus.
Did you see it?
the first word
into the water?

Get on the bus.
She said to go
to come and get it
but not for me.

This was created using a poetry prompt from Found Poetry Review This poem was created from a list of phrases. I did something like this in my poetry class at school but I won't share that poem with you because I want to send it away for publishing. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this little poem.

Starting the first week of January I will be making poetry collages where I find words and phrases from magazines and then I will make a collage out of them. It is my 2015 poetry project for the year. I plan on making one poem a week. I already ordered dozens of travel brochures and I have a bunch of magazines to get me started. I just need acid free paper and acid free glue. It should be a fun project.

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