Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nanowrimo- New Novel and Other Going Ons

I decided to participate again in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month for those who don't know). This year I had not one but two story ideas. So far with three days in, I am maintaining word count barely but it's there.

The novel is called Gone Before Dawn and this is what its about in a nutshell. A bus with teenagers disappear (more than likely through a worm hole or other dimension portal) on their way to a field trip at an amusement park. While they are there, the one mother on our side is trying to find them when a psychic named Moira Ponds tries to help. This is more a thriller novel. I suppose there are some scary things but it is not horror, or at least not horror in my mind.  I am still getting to know my characters and my direction is not all there so I am struggling with the writing but somehow I keep plugging away. Somewhere in the middle, I get a lot more written in a day.

I have been rather busy working on freelancing and school. The term ended two weeks ago and I still have a 4.0. I got an "A" in my poetry class and an "A" in my Communications class. I am taking the second part of Humanities and Advertising. I am looking forward to really getting down to business in Advertising. We are supposed to work in groups. So I am busy but I still spend a little too much time playing Candy Crush (I only played once yesterday)

So what else has been going on? That's about it. The weather has been on a rollercoaster for the last two weeks. I did not get enough candy Trick or Treating on Friday, could have used more Resee's and more chocolate bars. We had a whole week of leaf peeping. Snow fell somewhere in Pennsylvania and it's a matter of time before I get snow. This month we have Thanksgiving and the one thing I can't wait for is pumpkin pie.  MMMM pumpkin pie. I entered a short story contest for the Boston Review.

And there you go, if notice no empty promises of what I am posting in the future. We know I work on a different time.  Till next time...

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  1. Keep up the good work.I know you can do it.