Saturday, April 8, 2017

Today Was Once our Independence Day

The highway is empty; the black road stretches into the black night. The mountains just sit there against the denim sky whispering I told you so.  Ain’t nothing left in the town just neon pink store fronts and stores open twenty-four hours that no one is in. Because no one is around. The vacancy of possibility when there is nothing but empty towns and hospitals. It’s been how long? Time moves different now because the worries are different. No one to collect taxes. I hit the accelerator because I can, who will stop me now. Gray haze lays across the gentle slopes of the Alleghenies and the mountain turbines still blink off and on their safety lights for airplanes that won’t be flying overheard any time soon. Maybe they are sending a message, HELP US, to someone something (God, aliens, humans in Andromeda). Ain’t no help tonight and there was no help when it all went down. Adjusting the static on the radio just waiting for that other voice to break the black night while the family sleeps in the silence of our safe car, recently borrowed from the airport, full tank of gas, and I always wanted a Mercedes and the leather feels good and it smells new and fresh. I never had a new car before. Just as I speed toward home tucked beyond  the turbine SOS

in the valley, one 
red firework blossoms.
today-once it was July 4th

Hey all, so I am not sure where this gloom and doom is coming from. What inspired this poem was I was driving back from State College on I-99 and there was one firework, a red one to be exact. I don't know it just seemed odd and stuck with me. I let it percolate for maybe an hour and sat down and my computer, not really sure of what direction to take and the words just flew out of my fingers. I actually like this poem, is that wrong? A haibun fit the poem nicely.  Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

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