Saturday, March 4, 2017

Damn, It's Winter Again

This week I was on break and I had all these big plans of getting so much work done. It was going to be epic. I was going to be productive and write and edit. Okay so I did some writing and editing, but I didn't get done nearly as much as I wanted.

I've been stuck with Solider Girl off an on this whole week and I really thought I would have the first draft done this week. No. Close- maybe. I broke through the block and I had idea rolling I am hoping to spend more than a half hour writing it tonight. More than likely it will be a Kindle book because it is already a novella. It's not going to turn into a novel. I have two more large projects I want to finish before starting new ones, unless it is a short story or poem. I started a story called Love Always Seaside Heights. I'm not too far into that one yet; I have a feeling it will also be a novella and not a novel. And finally, there is a novel I have been working on for the last several years called The State of Ares a post-modern Utopian/dystopian novel. It will definitely hit novel status because it already has 30,000 words written with plenty more to go.

I also planned on pumping out a bunch of Suburban Vampires and that didn't happen at all. Luckily, I do have a bunch of chapter stockpiled for at least eight weeks.

Revising Havana is not  going well. I wrote the entire thing without any kind of break Many times in the rough draft of a novel, I will at least put *** between scenes. Later on, I move stuff around and make chapters, often times keeping the scene breaks. Havana was not created like the others. For one it is more of a stream of conscious novel. I asked people on Facebook and many said they need something, chapters or whatever. So I am sort of randomly breaking the novel into 3,000-4,000 parts and calling it a chapter. Though it doesn't feel right to me, not for this novel anyway. Another is the word count, last I looked Havana  is around 55,000 words, which is kind of slim. It seems like it should be more but it again it doesn't feel right. It is a YA/new adult novel and maybe the word count is sufficient for that age group. I want to get the first revisions done and give to a couple of people who said they would read it.

I wonder, should I stick with my gut instinct  or just assume I am wrong?

Well that's about all today, back to the computer screen.

Till next time...

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