Monday, February 20, 2017

Back to Writing, Only to be Stuck

Lately, I wanted to be more productive. I woke up to the fact that I waste  a lot of time on Candy Crush ( two out of three versions) and on Facebook reading news articles and comments. I would also sit around with drool coming out of my mouth because I was too lazy to do anything. There is nothing wrong with be lazy, but when you are lazy more times than not, there is something wrong.

Slowly, I got myself back on track. Look- I'm posting more! I have been devoting at least a half hour for revising time and a half hour devoted for actual writing. The revising no problem- I started working on Havana my latest novel and switched to Sanctioned Shadows so I can  publish it (look for it this week!).  Just last week, I decided on scheduling reading time. Everything has been going great.

I restarted working on "Solider Girl" and I was easily pumping 1000 words in a half hour period. Then everything came to a screeching halt. So fucking stuck.

I like to pride myself on being a "seat of your pants writer" but even with that I have a basic idea of where to go. There is only one story that I have planned and that is Suburban Vampires (now on Wattpad).  Like I said, I have  direction even if it was vague.

Here's the thing, the climax needs to happen. I need to jump in time by at least several months.The first half really builds up. I am worried about jumping ahead. I thought about just writing the climax and come back to the middle. But then again the first part of the story took place in Nebraska and the second  half takes place in Vermont and I could split the novella into two parts and the time jump will happen at the part change. I have only written maybe 2000 words since they got to Vermont and they suck ass. The energy is missing from the second half and this may be the problem. Perhaps I  should just start again in Vermont. Have them get to Vermont then jump in the future. Actually have the part change right after they get to Vermont.  This is probably the best way to go.

I can feel the climax coming and it needs to happen. There's no rule or anything, just a feeling. I think about the things I learned in my fiction writing classes and I feel that is why I think more about the boring bits that no one cares about.

Thanks for letting me rambling on about this story. It is important for me to be steadily writing once again. I have the time to write and write a lot. I have the time to be edit and revise. I am lucky because I do have this time. I don't care about a big fancy house with a huge mortgage payment, I don't care about a new car. What I care about is writing and living the life I choose. And I am, even if I am stuck.  I don't want to quit, I can't because I came too far to quit now.

Till next time...

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