Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015- The First Week

I decided three days before November 1, 2015 to participate in Nanowrimo again this year.  I went with a bunch of images. Right before the big day I got the main character's name. I am writing this thing by the seat of my pants much like I do all the time. It is actually quite thrilling just going where the story takes you. This year, the novel I am working on is tentatively called Havana, WV. The main character is named Armory Stanton, she is sixteen, on the run for murder and she is immune to all magic. Havana happens to be a place where everyone is magical and this is where she winds up. Because she is immune to magic, she becomes the next sheriff of the town.  There is a vague plot line so far which it will become stronger the more I wrote.

So what really pushed me into writing this year? I think it is how  the novel will be written that will make the difference. After spending a couple of days reading about stream of conscious work, I decided I should try it.  I think this really helps with my excitement with the story because I feel like I am in her head. It is a lot of fun.

It does seem as though I have been using a lot of teens in my work lately. I have no idea since I don't really read YA fiction. I think there has to be more than young people as the main characters to be YA. I have been thinking about it, maybe I should I try YA book publishers for last year's novel Gone Before Dawn. I don't know it might be too much for that age group.  Though I didn't realize Twilight  was young adult either, so I suppose the line is very blurred and it seems to me that big difference is the age of the main character.

Back to this year though, I am 12000 words in. I plan on writing quite  a bit today since I  have a free day where I am catching up on things not related to school. 

Till next time...

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